Vlad's QlikView skills are superlative, and given the increasing popularity of the tool, this is more than noteworthy. But add to that his ability to rapidly grasp arcane domain knowledge of a client's requirements, and you have a powerful combination in the BI space. He is sufficiently effective at hiding the complexity of solutions that customers may not fully appreciate the value they're getting. Making it look easy is not the same as easy to accomplish. I'll join any team that is savvy enough to give him a leading role.
- Mark Underwood
Business Intelligence Manager, TransitCenter, Inc.

Vlad Gutkovsky served as the primary consultant for the implementation of the QlikView application at 1199Seiu. He was high in demand and we were very thankful to have him upon special request. His work ethic is impeccable and he proved himself as having a leading edge in the arena of QlikView Development. He was easy to work with, thoughtful & considerate as he quickly analyzed and translated requirements into a useful product. Vlad is a true professional and went above and beyond to ensure we were supported. Any client would be extremely fortunate to secure Vladís time.
- Sharda Ramdeo
MBA/PMP, 1199SEIU Funds

Vlad is a consistently dedicated worker with a great ethic and attitude. He follows direction well and produces results on time.
- Phil Bishop
Owner, Natural Synergies, Inc.

Whether setting up computers on site at a client office, repairing computer hardware in the office, or remotely supporting users having difficulty, Vlad has always handled the various assignments well. The huge scope of these responsibilities required Vlad to master a wide range of skills in both technical and business administration. Vlad has strong customer service skills, thanks to his naturally outgoing and friendly character. I especially appreciate Vladís hard work, quick response, and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously by developing effective procedures to manage them. Vladís strong writing skills have enabled him to always provide full and accurate documentation for many areas of our operations and he responsibly handled correspondence with our clients.
- Lisa Singer
Owner/CTO, Singer Networks LLC

Vlad is personable, professional and detail-oriented. He is someone you can trust to follow through with projects in a timely matter. He is a strong communicator and someone you would feel comfortable speaking to customers.
- David Berry
Colleague, Singer Networks LLC